Bookmarks for February 12th through February 13th

by mort

These are my links for February 12th through February 13th:

  • Henry Ford & Event Driven Architecture – – Talking about architecture, as with most things in the computer industry, often requires deciphering a soup of three or four letter acronyms (XML, API, SOAP), all of which can often be described in much simpler terms. Working on a presentation on "Event Driven Architecture" for MeshU, I was struck how we've managed to obscure such a simple and familiar concept into something that few developers can understand: it's an assembly line!
  • To AMQP or to XMPP, that is the question | Open Sourcery
  • sprsquish's blather at master – GitHub – XMPP DSL (and more) for Ruby written on EventMachine and Nokogiri.
  • kennethkalmer's ratpack at master – GitHub – Ratpack is a small Sinatra-based HTTP to XMPP/AMQP/SMTP bridge, allowing you to send messages in a RESTful fashion.
  • russell davies: widgety goodness 1 – intro and desire – This, of course, runs counter to the conventional online advertising dream that when everyone's empowered with perfect information and sharing everything with their community then all the branding con-artists will be out of a job. Or more likely they'll be lined up against the SuperWall and shot, just after the PR people and Andrew Keen. But I'm think that's one of those techno-utopian singularities that won't come to pass. There's this notion that attaching imagery, ideas and stories to a product is somehow a trick and that once we're all sufficiently melded with our technology we'll awaken from our idiocy and only buy things based on the material cost of goods. Or something. Anyway. I don't think we live in that rational a world. People like buying things that embody ideas wrapped around a physical product, and that they'll pay extra for that. And that that's fun and good.
  • Tag Maps – Generating Summaries and Visualization for Large Collections of Geo-referenced Photographs
  • Synchronizing Core Data With Rails (3.0.0.pre) – Lessons learned from building HomeMarks native iPhone application to synchronize Core Data with a RESTful backend built using rails 3.0.0.pre. This covers a previous design methodology called the AJAX head pattern which decouples rails applications from the views they present which allowed an easy API foundation for the iPhone application and data sync methods.