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Shakuhachi Tips Wiki | Tips / Jo Ha Kyu

Jo-ha-kyu is the essential form in all traditional Japanese temporal arts. From a quiet beginning (jo) we proceed to a more complex middle section (ha) and then on to a fast conclusion (kyu) followed by a final brief stasis. The great Noh creator and theorist Zeami likened jo-ha-kyu to a small stream that becomes a [...]

índica. océanos de contenido » Blog Archive » Diseñando para el usuario 0™ [es]

Cuando defines wireframes para algo que tendrá cierta interacción social, suele ocurrir que tus propuestas son lanzadas considerando a un montón de usuarios, todos participando activamente, con sus perfiles completos, etc. La actividad que se refleja en tus propuestas es frenética. Pero no defines para el “usuario 0″, ese que llega de los primeros (seguramente [...]

Flickr Photos now in Bing Maps … « geobloggers

Yahoo, who has direct access to all the photos and metadata, including extra EXIF data that you can’t get via the API, it’s just sitting there on the disks … isn’t … you may notice, producing any tech demos, or videos of its latest research. via Flickr Photos now in Bing Maps … « geobloggers.

Mind Hacks: The burglar with the lemon juice disguise

In 1995, McArthur Wheeler walked into two Pittsburgh banks and robbed them in broad daylight, with no visible attempt at disguise. He was arrested later that night, less than an hour after videotapes of him taken from surveillance cameras were broadcast on the 11 o'clock news. When police later showed him the surveillance tapes, Mr. [...]

Interview with a scammer – Part One | Scam Detectives

Scam-Detective: What percentage of emails would get a response? John: Maybe 9 or 10 out of every thousand emails. Then maybe 1 out of every 20 replies would lead to us getting money out of the victim in the end. via Interview with a scammer – Part One | Scam Detectives.

En marcha la API de Partigi « Blog de Partigi – La Coctelera

En Partigi nos hemos propuesto que desde el día 0 no solo las personas puedan usar nuestra aplicación, si no también las máquinas. Creemos firmemente que un servicio tiene que ser abierto para permitir que otros desarrolladores puedan crear aplicaciones que utilicen la funcionalidad y los datos de un servicio, que la gente cree widgets [...]

Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy

The process of teleportation involves making a measurement on each one an entangled pair of particles. He points out that the measurement on the first particle injects quantum energy into the system. He then shows that by carefully choosing the measurement to do on the second particle, it is possible to extract the original energy. [...]

qcon presentation :: snax

Why don’t you just use X, X works on my blog. Amateurs. via qcon presentation :: snax.

Konami Code jQuery Plugin: Pointlessly Easy

Everything old is new again.  The Konami Code is the most famous video game cheat of all time.  It began in 1986 with the original Nintendo system — almost every game that the Konami company produced contained the code.  Eventually even games that were produced by other companies included the code. Well in 2009 the [...]

Benlog » Don’t Hash Secrets

What you should be using is HMAC: Hash-function Message Authentication Code. You don’t need to know exactly how it works, just like you don’t need to know exactly how SHA1 works. You just need to know that HMAC is specifically built for message authentication codes and the use case of SuperAnnoyingPoke/MyFace. Under the hood, what’s [...]