Konami Code jQuery Plugin: Pointlessly Easy

by mort

Everything old is new again.  The Konami Code is the most famous video game cheat of all time.  It began in 1986 with the original Nintendo system — almost every game that the Konami company produced contained the code.  Eventually even games that were produced by other companies included the code.

Well in 2009 the code has seen a resurgence. ESPN, Facebook, and even Google Reader have all added Easter Eggs that are triggered by the Konami Code. A more comprehensive listing of the sites that have enabled the code is at konamicodesites.com. (Of course you must enter the code to see them!)

So if you want your site to get in on the retro action, we've put together a little jQuery plugin that makes it dead simple.

via Konami Code jQuery Plugin: Pointlessly Easy.