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Eternal feedback loops

Oh, and you can get things to a state of readiness, but you (almost never) can finish things up, for websites ain’t products, but processes trapped in an eternal feedback loop. I know it’s in bad taste to quote oneself, but this sentence came fully-formed from my head while I was updating the Facebook status [...]

Computer Aided Architectural Design | neonascent

The computer isn’t a magic box. Just because the computer does something – something emergent – doesn’t mean that the conditions of emergence will be in any way productive of anything useful. via Computer Aided Architectural Design | neonascent.

Design and Designed Failures

Me ha encantado esta presentación de Nicola Nova sobre el estudio contextual de los fallos en productos y servicios, y la introducción deliberada de fallos como herramienta de diseño: Design and Designed Failures: From Observing Failurs To Provoking Them View more documents from nicolas nova.