Bookmarks for January 14th from 13:12 to 14:59

by mort

These are my links for January 14th from 13:12 to 14:59:

  • Box2D – Features
  • animals and not animals (12 Jan., 2011, at Interconnected) – "Most world cultures classify all entities into one of four general classifications. … Humans; nonhuman animals; plants; nonliving things."
  • Benford's Law – Given a string of at least four numbers sampled from one or more of these sets of data, the chance that the first digit will be 1 is not one in nine, as many people would imagine; according to Benford's Law, it is 30.1 percent, or nearly one in three. The chance that the first number in the string will be 2 is only 17.6 percent, and the probabilities that successive numbers will be the first digit decline smoothly up to 9, which has only a 4.6 percent chance.
  • facebook/three20 – GitHub – Three20 is a collection of iPhone UI classes, like a photo viewer, and general utilities, like an HTTP disk cache. Three20 is derived from the Facebook iPhone app, which is one of the most downloaded iPhone apps ever.
  • Kinect talking to Flash via Node.js .com blog
  • Marginal Revolution: Sex and Statistics or Heteroscedasticity is Hot
  • Sencha Touch/Rails Components With Netzke, Part 1 – WriteLessCode