Bookmarks for February 23rd through March 1st

by mort

These are my links for February 23rd through March 1st:

  • SLADE – It's a map editor – SLADE is a modern, portable map editor for id software's Doom series of games. It also supports the enhanced editing features of some modern source ports, like ZDoom.
  • SEC – open source and platform independent event correlation tool – SEC accepts input from regular files, named pipes, and standard input, and can thus be employed as an event correlator for any application that is able to write its output events to a file stream. The SEC configuration is stored in text files as rules, each rule specifying an event matching condition, an action list, and optionally a Boolean expression whose truth value decides whether the rule can be applied at a given moment. Regular expressions, Perl subroutines, etc. are used for defining event matching conditions. SEC can produce output events by executing user-specified shell scripts or programs (e.g., snmptrap or mail), by writing messages to pipes or files, and by various other means.
  • Chernoff Faces – In 1973, Herman Chernoff introduced a visualization technique to illustrate trends in multidimensional data. His Chernoff Faces were especially effective because they related the data to facial features, something which we are used to differentiating between. Different data dimensions were mapped to different facial features, for example the face width, the level of the ears, the radius of the ears, the length or curvature of the mouth, the length of the nose, etc.
  • Speed up your Rails XML responses | Rails on the Run
  • Comparing MongoDB and Redis, Part 1 « While I Pondered…