Bookmarks for February 3rd through February 10th

by mort

These are my links for February 3rd through February 10th:

  • qcon presentation :: snax
  • QuirksBlog: The touch action – Over the past few weeks I have done some fundamental research into the touch action and its consequences, and it’s time to present my conclusions in the form of the inevitable compatibility table. I have also written an advisory paper that details what browser vendors must do in order to get by in the mobile touchscreen space. Finally, I discuss a few aspects of my research in this article.
  • Re: What does "extend self" do? – So what extend self does is it extends the module object by making the
    instance methods in the module available to it
  • How to Build a Twitter Agent – In this article we will build an actual useful Twitter Service that will allow us to track the Blogosphere. In the process we will get hands on programming experience with Ruby, DRb, Twitter and Jabber. This will sharpen our developer skill-set to get ready for the upcoming (Folk)Semantic Web. Also we evaluate the problems seen and opportunities ahead.
  • An EventMachine Tutorial – EventMachine satisfies two key requirements. First, because EventMachine is an implementation of the reactor pattern, it separates networking logic from application logic. This means you don’t have to worry about handling the low-level connections and socket logic. Instead, you just implement callbacks for the appropriate networking events.