The Lost Pup

by mort

I just came across Golden Retriever, something I toyed with for a couple of days last winter. It’s a, even by my lax standards, quite weird concept of trying to create an interface to allow quick and easy retrieval of a data item on a spreadsheet cell, just by specifying the corresponding row (y axis) and column headers (x axis).

I seem to remember the idea was to eventually throw a XMPP/SMS/Command line layer in, so if you had, say, your weekly class schedule on a Google Doc Spreadsheet In The Sky, you could just do ‘Monday 5PM’ and get back ‘Biology’ or whatever. Or maybe you’d have your server passwords on the spreadsheet (don’t) and enter ‘ServerFoo MySQL’ and get back ‘XXYYZZ’ .

I also seem to remember it kinda worked, but that I couldn’t swear.