Bookmarks for July 9th through July 10th

by mort

These are my links for July 9th through July 10th:

  • The Lemmings Story – Part1 – Lemmings started life as a simple animation back in August 1989 when DMA Design had just moved into their first office
  • TrafficServerProposal – Incubator Wiki – Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server.
  • Poshlost – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Poshlost is an untranslatable Russian word (пошлость) defined as a kind of "petty evil or self-satisfied vulgarity"
  • Dead Souls – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Dead Souls (Russian language: Мёртвые души) by Nikolai Gogol, Russian writer, was first published in 1842, and is one of the most prominent works of 19th-century Russian literature. Gogol himself saw it as an "epic poem in prose", and within the book as a "novel in verse". Despite supposedly completing the trilogy's second part, Gogol destroyed it shortly before his death. Although the novel ends in mid-sentence (like Sterne's Sentimental Journey), it is usually regarded as complete in the extant form.[1]
  • Gamasutra – Features – Game Design Essentials: 20 RPGs