Bookmarks for May 27th through May 28th

by mort

These are my links for May 27th through May 28th:

  • The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks : Dataspora Blog
  • Chromium Blog: Extensions at Google I/O – Today I gave a presentation at Google I/O explaining some of the cool ideas that lie at the heart of our upcoming extension system.
  • Chrome Extension HOWTO ‎(Chromium Developer Documentation)‎ – This tutorial will walk you through creating a simple extension that adds a button to a toolbar along the bottom of the browser window
  • Uzbl – the uzbl browser. – …a keyboard controlled (modal vim-like bindings, or with modifier keys) browser based on Webkit. very minimal interface. No unnecessary interface elements controllable through a FIFO and with external scripts. what is not browsing, is not in uzbl. Things like url changing, loading/saving of bookmarks, saving history,.. are handled through external scripts that you write
  • Benchmarks: You are Doing it Wrong – plok