Bookmarks for May 9th through May 10th

by mort

These are my links for May 9th through May 10th:

  • Rhomobile – the open mobile framework – Rhomobile – The Rhodes application framework allows developers to create native mobile applications with portability of editing HTML templates and the power of the Ruby programming language.
  • Adhearsion: Getting Started – We want everyone to easily give Adhearsion a try so we've set up a completely free sandbox telephony system which allows you to use Adhearsion without setting up Asterisk.
  • almost_geek, girl: » Deploying a non-trivial app on Heroku
  • Make the most of the iPhone SDK › Vacuous Virtuoso
  • Savonet / Liquidsoap :: Audio Stream Generation – Liquidsoap is the audio stream generator of the Savonet project, notably used for generating the stream of netradios. It has tons of features, it's free and it's open-source!