Ni una idea original

Category: Worth reading

I’ve really enjoyed this Arte documentary featuring a conversation between two very influential game designers, each of them belonging to different generations and both sharing a bit of an outsider fame as well as a discontent with the current mainstream of the video game industry: Jason Roher and Chris Crawford. The conversation sheds a lot [...]

Magical capitalism

This little gem is buried in the excellent, but covering much more conventional territory, piece by Michael Lewis on the financial meltdown of Iceland: Alcoa, the biggest aluminum company in the country, encountered two problems peculiar to Iceland when, in 2004, it set about erecting its giant smelting plant. The first was the so-called “hidden [...]

Science. It works, bitches.

“Our philosophy at New Scientist is this: science is interesting, and if you don’t agree, you can fuck off.” – An editor of New Scientist (attributed). Taken from this very interesting post about the state of the museum world circa 2009. And the title of the post comes naturally from one of my favourite tshirts.