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gist: 372223 – GitHub

gist: 372223 – GitHub.

The Technium: How to Thrive Among Pirates

The three largest film industries in the world are India, Nigeria and China. Nigeria cranks out some 2,000 films a year (Nollywood), India produces about 1,000 a year (Bollywood) and China less than 500. Together they produce four times as many films per year as Hollywood. Yet each of these countries is a haven, even [...]

Five years ago – Linking Paths

Five years ago, we launched Linking Paths. During this time we have evolved, we got married and had children, we had bad times and we laughed, we have confirmed some ideas and left others behind, have met wonderful and hateful people: we have lived.uring this time we have evolved, we got married and had children, [...]

Know When to Stop Designing, Quantitatively « Aza on Design

Efficiency is a tool that should be included in the arsenal of every designer. It is the only tool that gives a quantitative measure that can compare any given interface to the best possible interface. It’s like magic: you can compare any interface to the best possible interface without knowing what that is! via Know [...]

Warren Ellis: On space travel

People argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Honestly, that's an argument that can be applied to pretty much anything. Imagine how many starving people could be fed if, say, a 100 per cent Simon Cowell tax was levied on any instance of Simon Cowell. Imagine if anyone caught spending money on Stephanie [...]

Denial of expertise ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto

At a certain point, you have to admit you aren’t good enough to do something better than an expert could do it even if the technical option exists for you to give it a shot anyway. via Denial of expertise ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto.

jfernandezs acts_as_php at master – GitHub

Urban Dictionary is built using Ruby on Rails even though URLs end with php. via jfernandezs acts_as_php at master – GitHub.

Eddie Izzard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2008, in his Stripped tour, Izzard began using Wikipedia itself as part of his stand-up act, reading from a live copy of an article (via an iPhone) and mocking Wikipedia's self-referential editorial style. To date, he has read from a variety of different articles. via Eddie Izzard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sandbox gaming vs. adventure paths: in defense of highly narrative adventures « The Lost Level

To oversimplify things a bit, D&D draws heavily from at least two very different strands of fantasy literature: the grim and sometimes savage world of “swords and sorcery” (think Conan); and epic, heavily plotted, highly moral high fantasy (think Tolkien). The influence of Conan-esque swords and sorcery can be seen in many core elements of [...]

Norrie May-Welby – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

norrie mAy-welby is the artistic signature of Norrie (born 1961 Paisley), a Scottish-Australian person who became the first person in the world officially declared to be neither a man nor a woman,[1] making Australia the first country in the world to recognise a “non-specified” gender.[2] via Norrie May-Welby – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.