An alternative widget for entering passwords

This is a quick'n'dirty demo of a unobstrusive javascript for mimicking the behaviour of the password-entering widgets on my Nokia 6600 phone, which I find somewhat enhances usability and accessibility. The sought result is that the last entered character is displayed for a brief moment (500 ms.) before being masked out with an asterisk.

Demo works fine on Firefox 1.5 and Safari 1.3.2 under OS X 10.3.9. For this demo purposes, no real attempt at making it further cross-browser (i.e. no big surprise if it doesn't work with any incarnation of IE)

By mort. January 2006. Credit for the pause() function goes to her author, that remains anomymous for me at the moment.

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  1. 0.1: Initial.
  2. 0.2: A key part of the implementation, a created-on-the-fly hidden field that carries around the real password value was left out of 0.1. Fixed. Thanks to Choan for the warning :-)

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